Parts Manufacturing

Efficient, Economical Solutions Requiring No Middleman

We are proud to maintain a zero-defect track record for in-service utilization of our PMA components. As a double-savings to our customers, our PMA parts offer a reduced cost of maintenance and reduced cost of operation as they remain on wing completely defect-free. NEACO is the Engineering, Manufacturing and Stocking Distributor behind each of our components. Parts are in stock for immediate delivery when you need them. New PMAs are in development every day. Check with our sales department often for an up to date list.

We have an onsite DMIR (Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative)

PMA Approvals Fitted For an Array of Aircrafts

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have an impressive list of PMA approvals fitted for an array of aircraft. See below for a brief selection.

Boeing 747

Boeing 767

Boeing 777

Embraer E190

Airbus A380

Internal Parts

Air Bearing Air Cycle Machines

Ball Bearing Air Cycle Machines

Pressure Regulating & Shutoff Valves

Bleed Valves


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